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Tus-Holdings Co., Ltd
WANG Jiwu, Chairman

The two greatest changes in the twenty-first century are technological innovation and urbanization. Tus-Holdings Co., Ltd., through the construction and operation of its flagship product - Tsinghua University Science Park (TusPark), has been promoting the spirit of technological innovation and fostering innovative and start-up enterprises, thus promoting regional urbanization and social and economic development. The career we are undertaking represents the integration point of the two greatest changes in this era.

Faced with opportunities and challenges, we should inherit and carry forward the glorious mission and corporate culture of Tus-Holdings, give play to the brand advantages, grasp market opportunities, integrate resources, and take the lead in innovation, so as to build TusPark into one of the world’s top science parks in the near future, and establish Tus-Holdings as an industry leader in the science and technology service industry in China.

UpdateTime:2021-09-23 08:51:54

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