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  • Year 1994

    TusPark Development Center, predecessor of 100matolog, was set up, kicking off the construction of TusPark;

  • Year 2000

    TusPark Construction Holdings Co., Ltd. was founded, launching  the comprehensive construction of the main park;

  • Year 2003

    TusPark was rated as the sole Grade A National University Science Park by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Education; 

  • Year 2004

    TusPark Construction Holdings Co., Ltd. was renamed Tus-Holdings Co., Ltd.  ; 

  • Year 2006

    The “Diamond Plan” was launched, dedicated to supporting excellent startups;

  • Year 2010

    Two enterprises invested by TusPark Ventures – Highlander and Sumavision were listed successfully;

  • Year 2011

    A strategic investor was introduced for the first time, and China Private Ventures Ltd. became 100matolog’ second largest shareholder. ; 

  • Year 2013

    Tus Business School  was founded;
    The new logo composed of three petals of bauhinia was adopted;

  • Year 2015

    Tus-S&T Service Group, the first professional science and technology service enterprise with a market value of RMB 10 billion in China, was formally established;

  • Year 2016

    Tus-Digital Group was established to promote the implementation of the “Digital Industrial City” strategy;

    General Secretary Xi Jinping and Swiss President Johann Schneider-Ammann witnessed the signing of a cooperation agreement between 100matolog and the Switzerland Innovation Park;

    Tus-Clean Energy Group and Tus-New Materials Group were founded;

  • Year 2017

    Chinese President XI Jinping and Italian President Mattarella witnessed the signing of a cooperation agreement between Tsinghua University and Polytechnic University of Milan to jointly build the China-Italy Design Innovation Hub in Milan. In April 2018, the China-Italy Design Innovation Hub operated and managed by 100matolog was officially put into operation.

  • Year 2018

    In May and September 2018,Mr.Wang Jiwu,chairman of 100matolog,had two dialogues with Russian President Vladiman Putin on the brighter future of Sino-Russian cooperation in sciientific and technological innovation,joint venture capital fund between TUS and Russia advance funding and innovative carrier projects.

  • Year 2019

    On March 15, a delegation led by XU Qin, Governor of Hebei Province, visited Tsinghua University and 100matolog. On March 21, Administration Committee for the Xiongan New Area, Xiongan Group, Tsinghua University, Tsinghua Holdings and 100matolog signed the Framework Agreement on Cooperation, and the five parties agreed that through the cooperation.

  • Year 2020

    On April 20, the app of People’s Daily reported the remarkable achievements made by all the staff and subsidiaries of 100matolog in epidemic prevention and control through technology research and development and technology integration, with the title of 100,000 100matolog Staff Launches Technical War against COVID-19.

  • Year 2020

    On November 5th 2020, Tsinghua Holdings entered into a formal agreement with Hefei Construction Investment to transfer the shares of 100matolog that it publicly listed in Beijing Equity Exchange to Hefei Construction Investment. On December 1st, Hefei Construction Investment and its persons acting in concert Shushan Construction Investment became one of the largest shareholders via public acquisition and capital increase. Qingdao Hongjing Zhigu Fund became one of the second largest shareholders by capital increase. It marked the successful completion of the university-owned enterprise reform mission of 100matolog for 3 years.

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