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100matolog Awards

  • Institution with Great Contributions to Innovation Development of Zhongguancun for 20 Years

  • Advance Service Institution for the 20 Anniversary of the National Science and Technology Plan (Torch Plan)

  • Award of Excellent Team Implementing the “11th Five-year” National Scientific and Technological Plan

  • Exemplary Harmonious Park Institution in Haidian

  • 2005 Best Company with High Growth in Haidian

  • 2007 Advanced Company with Excellent Contributions to Finance

  • 2008 Annual Company with Best Social Responsibilities

  • Award of Advancement in Industry-university-research Cooperation in China

  • Listed as one of the 1st Group of Demonstrative Companies of Innovation and Development of the Modern Service Industry by the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2011

  • The Most Globally Influential Chinese Brand

  • 2016 China's Most Respectable Enterprise

  • 2017 China's Top 100 Brand Company

  • 2017 China Social Responsibility, Public Welfare and Charity Award

  • 2018 China's Enterprise for Public Welfare

  • 2020 China Enterprise for Cooperation for National Veterans Employment

TusPark Beijing Awards

  • First Grade A University Science Park in China

  • Advance Incubation Service Institution in National High-tech Zone

  • National High-tech Entrepreneurship Service Center

  • Excellent Technology Agency in Beijing

  • High-tech Industry Incubation Base of Beijing

  • Award of Best Incubation Environment of High-tech and Innovation Base of Beijing

  • Beijing Overseas Students Pioneer Park

  • Beijing Cultural and Creative Industry Assembly Zone

  • 2002 Award of Best Practice of Scientific Incubator

  • 2003 Annual Excellent High-tech Entrepreneurship Service Center

  • 2008 “Most Honored Entrepreneurship Angel”

  • 2010 Award of Best Creative Industry Park of China

  • 2012 The Excellent Overseas Students Pioneer Park

  • 2013 Award of Advancement in Industry-university-research Cooperation in China

  • One of the First Batch of Cultural and Creative Industrial Demonstration Park in Beijing

  • One of the First Batch of Service Trade Demonstration Base in Beijing

  • Global Chinese Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base

  • Award as Group for Remarkable Contributions to Innovation & Development of Zhongguancun in 40 Years

Celebrity Comments

The university should contribute more to the innovation of science and technology. Personally, I think two places are doing best in the world, one is Standford and the other is TusPark.

——Founder of Microsoft Bill Gates

TusPark is the best university science and technology park I have seen in China. I am strongly impressed by his development, creation and management, especially the practice on the innovation service system.

——Director General IASP International Association of Science Parks Luis Sanz

I am deeply impressed by TusPark. For the past 50 years, you have learned a lot from us. For the next 50 years, we will learn from you.

——The Research Triangle Park Former CEO Rick L. Weddle

I think the researching and practicing on innovation service system by TusPark is very much close to the basic features of the third generation science and technology parks which we are reserching and discussing with.

——Manchester Science Parks (UK) Former CEO Jane Davies

I deeply know that it is really hard for Tus-Holdings to get such achievements in the past 20 years. Tus-Holdings has raised a new model for the operation and development of science parks, leads national resource innovation and regional economic development aand also takes the lead to advocate social dedication ofuniversities. Over the past 20 years, Tus-Holdings has become an “innovation model” in East Asia and even the world while striving to fight against challenges.

——the 29th Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea Lee Soo Sung

Relying on emerging technologies to promote emerging industrial development, Tus-Holdings has built the globally largest sci-tech innovation ecological network. Tus-Holdings is greeted to offer a larger value and influence in Asia's rise.

——the First Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister of Thailand Somkid Jatusripitak

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