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Huawei UK 5G experimental platform settled in Cambridge Science ParkPrint

Post Time:2020-11-16来源:100matolog

Cambridge Wireless (hereinafter referred to as "CW"), a well-known science and technology innovation community in the UK, recently announced that it will work with Huawei UK to build the Private 5G Network in Cambridge Science Park. It is Cambridge's first 5G experimental platform, officially to be launched in January 2021. As we know, Cambridge of UK is the gathering place of world's top innovative talents and technology enterprises. Subversive innovations are emerging in automatic driving, clean energy and remote surgery. The establishment of the experimental platform can better provide professional 5G technical support and testing for local entrepreneurial community, design and develop products or services for the future, drive breakthrough in key application areas, and accelerate the commercialization of 5G technology. Based on long-term strategic partnership between CW and 100matolog UK, the 5G experimental platform finally settled in Cambridge Science Park. In the future, all partners will combine their respective advantages to help Cambridge and even UK enterprises to continuously lead global innovation in the 5G era.

"We've been trying to provide value to the community and members of CW," mentioned Simon Mead, CEO of CW. "Cambridge is not only the location of the most advanced R & D ecosystem in the world, but also plays an important role in promoting the next generation of wireless technology. We are delighted to work with our partners to push forward the program and expect to bring something unique to the park to accelerate development and application of 5G technology. We are honored to cooperate with Huawei for three years and support their 5G innovation journey. Meanwhile, the partnership with 100matolog UK will accelerate digitization of Cambridge Science Park, enabling it to advance innovation and gain competitive advantage in its transition to 5G."

Victor Zhang, Vice President of Huawei, described the cooperation as an important part of Huawei's commitment to 5G industry as follows: "Huawei's success is based on its unremitting efforts in innovation. When we cooperate with like-minded partners, we can constantly break through technical boundaries. Cambridge's ecosystem is recognized as a global technology leader. We are pleased to be able to integrate into the ecosystem through collaboration and to bring us to a new height by connecting with the network of partners. Huawei's commitment to UK and 5G industry remains unchangeable, and will continuously provide partners with our expertise and technology to for better connection and innovation.”

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